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About Alternative Pest Control:

Alternative Pest Control is your pest control specialist in Jacksonville, FL! From ants to mosquitos, we provide natural and chemical pest control solutions.

Alternative Pest Control is a family owned and operated business that specializes in pest control. Jacksonville, FL residents contact our technicians to identify, locate, and exterminate common and exotic pests.

Our team of exterminators is fully licensed, bonded, and insured to operate in Florida. Our credentials guarantee that our team has current knowledge pertaining to the best standards and practices used for residential pest control. Additionally, our exterminators have over 30 years of experience in locating and eliminating pests, nests, and infestations of any size or variety.


Pests not only spread disease, they also cause contamination of food with their hair/fur, droppings, urine, and eggs.

The reason they keep entering your home or office is because they get food, water, shelter, and ideal conditions for their growth and reproduction. But that is no cause for you to share space with them, for they can also cause damage. Call 904-725-8131 for the best pest control Jacksonville FL! Alternative Pest Control Products & Service, Inc. is here to help you!

Alternative Pest Control

If you have a bug problem, you need to look no further than us.

Alternative Pest Control Products & Service, Inc is a family owned and operated business that has been providing commercial and residential pest control services since 1992. We have grown to become one of the leaders in pest control Jacksonville FL, and our extensive experience has shown us that you don't always need exterminators coming over and inconveniencing everyone else; sometimes it can be resolved for a lot less. In addition to our professional pest control services, we also offer do-it-yourself ways of getting rid of pests. If you are not sure what exactly is causing the problem, you can pick up the phone and talk to us.


Because no two homes or offices are ever the same, we customize our solutions according to the situation on the ground, above it or below it.

We use environmentally-friendly products, and several of our customers in Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas vouch for us, opting to use our residential or commercial pest control services. If they don't have a bug infestation, they rely on us to keep it that way, and we are only happy to oblige. Our motto in life is to render the highest levels of quality possible at affordable prices.

Termite Control & Extermination in Jacksonville FL

They are called the "silent destroyers" because of all known pests, they cause the most damage. Their presence might not even be known for years until their handiwork becomes apparent - the significant devastation of your property. They eat dead trees and plants, or anything that is cellulose-based and no longer alive. Unfortunately, a lot of materials found in homes and offices fall under this category, thus attracting termites. They are found everywhere, except Antarctica. That is why termite control and extermination is so vital.

There are some 3,106 known species of termites, and 183 of them cause damage, 83 in this subcategory causing significant damage to wood. Nine of them have been classified as pests in North America.

Cockroach Extermination in Jacksonville FL

Cockroaches can withstand a nuclear blast, and that is a true testament to their hardiness. They can be found everywhere across the globe and some 30 out of a staggering 4,600 different species of cockroaches cohabit with humans. However, only four - the American cockroach (periplaneta americana), the German cockroach (blattella germanica), the Asian cockroach (blattella asahinai), and the Oriental cockroach (blatta orientalis) - are troublesome enough to be officially classified as pests.

Ant Extermination – Jacksonville FL

There are about 22,000 different species of ants in the world and about 12,500 of them have been classified. Irrespective of their species, a lot of ants are "workers", meaning they are constantly on the lookout for sources of food. They save up for the winter, as their colonies number in the hundreds of thousands. Although generally harmless, they become a nuisance when their food gathering habits cause them to go after stored food or enter places that are meant to be sterile. Sometimes they also damage plants in their quest for food. Get ant extermination done today to prevent them from spreading through your home. Call Alternative Pest Control Products & Service, Inc. in Jacksonville FL today!

Bed Bug Extermination in Jacksonville FL

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that hide on beds to feast on human blood at night. They were largely eradicated from the developed world in the 1940s, but cimex lectularius developing resistance to pesticide and increased international travel between the First World and the Third World has seen a resurgence of the problem in the past two decades. For expert bed bug extermination, call 904-725-8131.

Alternative Pest Control is here for you!

Maybe you have family members with allergies to specific pest elimination products, or you do not want a particular type of pest control technique being employed. No matter what your concerns or needs are, just talk to us about them, and we will work around them without compromising the quality of our service or effectiveness of our solutions. Looking for do-it-yourself pest control options? We can help you with those too. Whatever you need, at Alternative Pest Control we have the answers you seek.

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