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About Ehrlich Pest Control:

For over 85 years, Ehrlich Pest Control has provided high quality residential and commercial pest control services. Call us today at (888) 961-4335.

Since 1928, Ehrlich Pest Control has been providing homeowners and business owners with customer service excellence. As a division of Rentokil, the world’s largest commercial pest control company, Ehrlich can provide service in literally any corner of the globe. Ehrlich offers several unique pest control services, including: Residential Pest Management, Commercial Pest Management, Bioremediation, Bird and Bat Control, Termite Control and Vegetation Management.

About Ehrlich

Ehrlich Pest Control was founded in 1928 in Reading, Pennsylvania by Julius C. Ehrlich. Mr. Ehrlich was a salesman who sold insecticides and fogging equipment. At this time, pest control was very much a do-it-yourself venture.

When one of his customers, a department store, had no one who could apply the materials, Mr. Ehrlich offered to do it for them – a novel idea at that time.

With that gesture in 1928, Mr. Ehrlich established his new service company using the principles that still guide Ehrlich today: initiative, ingenuity and exceeding customer expectations. In these early days, the service team consisted of Mr. Ehrlich, his wife and daughter, who placed rat bait in small pieces of bread.

From these humble beginnings, Ehrlich has grown to 45 local offices serving the Mid-Atlantic states – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and the District of Columbia.

In addition to Home Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control, the company offers Termite Control, Bird Control Service, Vegetation Management, and Bioremediation in commercial kitchens.

Ehrlich Today

Today, there are Ehrlich specialists who focus exclusively on all industries – from mushroom growing facilities to pharmaceutical research, healthcare, and military facilities.

Long lasting relationships with Colleagues and customers is a cornerstone of our success. Many Ehrlich colleagues have been with the company for 25, 30 and 40-plus years. And the company’s first customer – the department store – remains a customer today, over 80 years later.

Our leading industry trade publication – Pest Control Technology Magazine – in 2000 recognized Ehrlich as America’s Finest Pest Control Company from a group of 18,000 providers nationwide.

A privately held company for 78 years, Ehrlich proudly became part of the Rentokil family of brands in 2006. Mr. Ehrlich’s great-grandson still serves as Ehrlich North America Pest Control Chairman.

Office Hours: 7:00 AM-9:00 PM

Rat & Mouse Control.

Our area is well known for high numbers of rats and mice due to the large wooded areas throughout Northeast Florida. We can help you to keep your home and business safe. We do it all the time!

Want more pest coverage? We also offer a Year Round Protection Plan to guard against 36 pests all year.

Call us today at 904-525-8782!

Bed Bug Control

We specialize in commercial pest management and bed bug detection. We offer a full range of bed bug detection and elimination services, including company certified bed bug detection dogsand Entotherm heat treatment for which our technicians are also certified.

Community Involvement in Jacksonville, Florida

We are a PROUD Bronze member of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce. We work with them to make great things happen here in the Northeast Florida market!

  • Our technicians have completed the Purdue University Urban Pest Management Courseand participate in monthly training sessions.
  • All our technicians are individually licensed in the state of Florida.
  • Our Pest and Termite Control technicians have years of experience serving all of Northeastern Florida.
  • We are a proud service provider for all of Duval County Public Schools (170 locations).





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