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About Florida Pest Management:

Welcome to FloridaPest.com. This site will help you learn more about the different pests that are common in and around your home and the pest control solutions we offer to prevent and eliminate them.

We are pleased to be a sponsor and be selected as the TRADE LEAD for pest protection for the award winning TV show North Florida's EXTREME MAKEOVER..

When faced with pest control problems, your Certified Pest Control Operator is the most efficient option! Our service is guaranteed! Do it yourself options are not. Estimates are free and many prices are available by phone or on this website!

Florida Pest Management, Inc. was founded in 1983 by John Sims and has operated in the same location since 1985. We have a combined experience in the business of over 200 years for your benefit. We are large enough to serve both residential and business needs, yet small enough to know you and value you personally. Our courteous staff is happy to provide you with excellent service and General Manager Jerry Andrews is available for all special concerns you may have. We desire toprovide 100% satisfaction to all our clients, so please let us know how we are doing! You can contact John by sending him email directly to "John Sims"


Today at (904) 771-5566 or go to our CONTACT US page to have us call you at your convenience!

About Us...

Florida Pest Management, Inc.
is a well-established Pest Control Company in North Florida, which we attribute to our attention to detail and striving for excellence in customer service. Our professionals are taught that customer relationships are developed by honesty, great service, and value. We have been in business for over 27 years and have developed long term relationships with our personnel, as well as our clients. YOU, OUR CUSTOMERS ARE NUMBER ONE to us, and we care about that relationship. We get it!…. We do not exist without you! If you ever have questions or concerns, just ask...we are a phone call away!

We provide complete training and conduct continuing education to insure that our experts are on the cutting edge of pest control technology.

We take all your pest problems seriously and strive to eradicate your problem on the first trip! Your time, health, and safety are equally important, which is another reason we use the best products available. All the materials we use in and around your home are EPA registered. We offer guaranteed service at extremely competitive prices. Give us a call today! 904-771-5566


Termite protection is about the right choices! Florida Pest Managementoffers you an educated and experienced team to make these choices. There are differences, but we use our experience of over 27 years in the business with the experience of thousands of treatments to help YOU make the right choice for YOU!
We will perform a complete property inspection for residential, multi-family or commercial properties. All inspections and estimates are FREE!
We are proud to be trained as Termidor Certified Professionals.Only licensed pest control professionals who have completed the official Termidor training program can treat your home with Termidor Termiticide. Our Certified Professionals have passed a Termidor certification exam, and been officially certified by BASF to use and apply Termidor Termiticide.
Before we perform any treatment to your home we make a through, detailed inspection. We determine if you have any current infestations of termites and the type of foundation/construction of your home. We may also point out any conducive conditions associated with termite harborage areas or possible points of entry for termites. These inspection details allow us to use our years of experience and training to determine our plan of attack!

Florida Pest Management

is also an authorized Sentricon System distributor for Dow AgroSciences LLCSentricon System is an advanced baiting and monitoring system. If you choose Sentricon treatment then monitors are installed in predetermined locations around the exterior of your home. Once installed, we will return at regularly scheduled intervals to inspect those monitors. If we detect the presence of termites in the monitors, we will place a specialized bait product in the monitor and eliminate the termites. Treatment may include interior bait stations or a treatment for infested areas. In some instances a perimeter treatment may be used in conjunction with bait.

now offers two types of termite warranties.

Our re-treatment warranty will provide additional re-treatment at no additional charge to you if you encounter an infestation of termites after we have treated your home.

Our replacement warranty provides re-treatment and replacement of damage if termites should re-infest and cause damage. Now let us be frank, not all houses qualify for replacement warranties. Do not let the competition sell you a replacement warranty they have no intention of honoring. Many times there are disqualifiers on their agreements that are already present in your home or building when you sign your warranty. You can pay a much higher price for a replacement warranty only to be told your house has conducive conditions which disqualifies your replacement guarantee. Replacement is refused due to conditions that were there when you signed up. The warranty should have never been issued, so don’t be fooled by a "salesman." With FLORIDA PEST MANAGEMENT, INC. the same technician that gives you a free estimate is the same one who will perform any treatment you may need. We will tell you before you sign if your house or building has conditions that do not allow a replacement warranty!

Pest Control

What to Expect:

Your property is inspected thoroughly to determine if there is currently a problem. Any infestation found is assessed to determine the type and severity. The source and cause of any problem is found and reported to you.Finding the source will help prevent future infestations.

On the first visit, we perform an exterior service—treating the window casings, eaves, door frames, and foundation to guard against infestations from the exterior of the structure. We then treat the inside areas that show infestations using the appropriate materials, which would include crack and crevice treatments, insect growth regulators, baits, or in some cases all of these materials. Baits are placed in the kitchen, bath and laundry areas. These are the locations where supplies are brought into the home which may have roaches inside of cartons or bottles! This bait will be freshened yearly to maintain a fresh application that will be attractive to insects introduced..

With heavier infestations, additional treatments may be required to gain complete control. In cases of extreme infestation, other treatments and methods may be recommended, and estimates for these services will be given at the time of inspection.

Call us today for a pest free home!

All of our services can be combined for additional savings! Call us today for a FREE phone estimate or a free on site inspection and estimate!


Lawn Pest

A healthy landscape, including a green lawn and vibrant shrubs, creates a positive first impression and a pleasing environment. Keep your lawn and landscape looking their best with proven service provided by Florida Pest Management, Inc. A great lawn combines the proper balance of fertilization, weed control, and insect control. We’ll analyze your lawn and recommend the appropriate lawn program geared around your needs and budget.


Without question the #1 complaint of people who love their lawns isweeds. Weeds, like insects, are relentless. We tailor our approach to your lawn profile, such as stopping unwanted plants like broadleaf or sedge weeds. They will not be eliminated, but inspections and treatments through our lawn care program (along with proper watering and mowing)can help to control them.


We apply granular and liquid fertilizer to achieve the proper nutrient levels established by turf and ornamental researchers at the University of Florida. Different fertilizer blends are used at different times of the year to feed the grass, creating a healthier turf.


We control Chinch bugs, sod web worms, army worms mole crickets, and white grubs. We are very familiar with all of them and we keep after them, until they are history!


Our ornamental program covers all shrubs and small trees. We will inspect your plants to see if there are any plant damaging insects or diseases. Depending on our analysis, we will treat the plants as needed. This service can also includes a fertilization program. Both liquid and granular fertilizers are applied depending on the individual plant needs.

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