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About Pro Lawn Plus:

Pro Lawn Plus is a local Jacksonville Company that provides lawn and landscape fertilization and pest control services to residential and commercial properties. Pro Lawn Techs are Continuously trained with the current and most up to date products and techniques to provide the best service around. With Pro Lawn Plus you get years of experience in the industry along with Quality service and products, making Pro Lawn Plus your one stop for all your lawn care needs.

About ProLawn Plus: your best choice for the lawn you really want

We've been caring for lawns on the First Coast since 1980. That's why so many of your neighbors have come to rely on our professional approach and personal service. We hop you'll decide to trust ProLawn Plus to produce great results for you too.

Outstanding people, programs and products are all part of our ongoing commitment to service. Our reputation is built on quality and experience. Our involvement in the Florida Turfgrass Association assures you of the latest products, technologies and research in the field. That's a big advantage to you-- and here's why: we're not a franchise; we're not part of a national chain. We know that if there's a problem, the buck stops with us-- we can't pass it along to some corporate office somewhere up north. All of our training and education is based on the problems we face right here. We know this area and we have specific treatments for exactly what your lawn needs.

Our in-house training program ensures that our technicians are the best in the business. Before any work is done on your lawn and landscape, we'll inspect your lawn to find out what it needs. We will then craft a plan that's customized just for your lawn and you'll know exactly what we'll do and how much it will cost.

Members of:

  • National Pest Management Association
  • Florida Pest Management Association
  • Turfgrass Council of North Carolina
  • Certified Pest Control Operators of Florida
  • International Society of Arboriculture (certified Arborist on staff)
  • Professional Lawn Care Association of America

Serving the lawn care and pest control needs of Nocatee, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Fernandina, and Amelia Island, Florida

The best choice for the best lawn
Pro Lawn Plus is the leading name in quality lawn care and pest control in Nocatee and Jacksonville. Many of your neighbors have trusted us to care for their lawns and landscapes for years. In fact, we've been working on lawns like yours ever since 1980. We understand how to produce the best lawns in Northeast Florida.

Quality Fertilizers and Weed Control
Pro Lawn Plus uses only quality fertilizers for thick, healthy lawns. Whether you have Bermuda Grass, St. Augustine, Bahia, Zoysia, or Centipede or Paspalum Turf, we know how to care for it plus give you valuable lawn care tips that will help keep it healthy and looking great -- a lawn you will be proud of and your neighbors will envy. Got weed issues? We can control over 150 weed species in any Florida turf!

Disease and Insect Control Included
There are many diseases that can adversely affect the health of the grass in your yard, such as brown patch, leaf spot, or dollar spot. We offer a FREE lawn inspection that will identify these problems and lay out a plan for correcting them. And, we INCLUDE disease control in our program. No other company in Jacksonville includes disease control in its program. Also, chinch bugs, mole crickets, armyworms, sod webworms and fire ants can quickly create extreme damage to an otherwise healthy lawn. Don�t let diseases and insects cause permanent damage to your lawn. Call today, or fill out the free estimate form!

Lawn care: there is a growing difference

We're serious about producing lawns that stay thick, green and healthy all year. We care about the results we deliver, and we care about our customers' level of satisfaction. In fact, we've been caring for lawns in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia since 1980. That's why so many of your neighbors have come to rely on our professional approach and personal service. We hope you'll decide to trust ProLawn Plus to produce great results for you, too.

Getting the best value in lawn care means being able to enjoy your lawn without the hassle or aggravation. It means dealing with people who know lawns and take your trust seriously. To get the best value around, you need quality programs, quality people and good service.

We do it right the first time

When working with Mother Nature, you don't always get her full cooperation. And, because the work we do depends so much on the weather, we offer free service calls when Mother Nature doesn't exactly cooperate. We do it right the first time, and follow up if a problem occurs later.

Additional services when you need and want them

At times, even the best lawn needs something extra. A pH adjustment with lime or a nematode analysis may be in order. Our optional annual aeration service to thicken your turf may be just the ticket to open the soil up and allow an award winning lawn to grow. Dethatching is also available to remove heavy thatch from lawns. Whatever it takes, ProLawn Plus will provide the teamwork necessary to resolve almost any lawn problem.

Protecting your trees and shrubs

ProLawn Plus offers a complete commitment to plant beauty and health for the ornamental trees and shrubs in your landscape. Each season, your landscape grows and changes. All the ornamental trees and shrubs on your property represent a valuable and growing investment that add both value and enjoyment to your home. But each new season brings insect, disease and weather problems that can damage or even destroy the beauty and health of your landscape.

ProLawn Plus has the experience you can trust to carefully inspect and manage the health of your landscape trees and shrubs. Through each season of the year, we monitor and treat insect disease activity on all plants covered by our program. Our program also provides precisely formulated time-release fertilization for improved plant growth, bloom potential and general vigor.

Call the name your neighbors trust for quality care of your growing landscape investment.

Request a Free Estimate today.

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