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A professional cleaning solution.

Designed to help prevent flies and other pests without creating a slippery surface, Orkin Actizyme®Floor and Drain Cleaner is safe and effective in eliminating foul odors, grease and grime. Our unique formula uses naturally occurring enzymes and beneficial bacteria to help eliminate the conditions that fruit and drain flies need to breed.

The Orkin Actizyme® System

After a comprehensive inspection of your facility, we can recommend the best way to incorporate Orkin Actizyme® into your existing sanitation program. We provide three options, each designed to provide you with the right solution to fit your needs.

1. Mix Orkin Actizyme® Floor and Drain Cleaner with water for all-purpose cleaning of floors, drains and the underside of equipment.

2. Apply full-strength Orkin Actizyme®directly on grimy buildup on floors or the underside of equipment and in drains for the toughest residue.

3. Install an automatic wall dispenser that will mix the correct amount of solution for you, as well as auto-dispense directly into drains, pipes or any other location.

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